Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thanks a lot brain

I think this is why I find TV to be adversely mundane.

A Dream: Was in a sort of Bela Tarr-esque, moody, chiaroscuro film setting taking place within a manor/castle deep in an eastern European countryside. I was there with a group of people who were ambiguously hostile toward me. Night was continually falling and nubile Asian women were attempting to seduce me in a plot to frame me. I kept resisting their advances (just barely), finding the hidden cameras they would secret into my room, and switching rooms.
 In the basement/dungeon of this building was a sort of three dimensional sidescrolling video game (literally like a puppet show or whatever with physical manifestations of the video game objects) involving a lizard shooting (something???) which I was continually on the brink of losing. I just narrowly finished the first level. A carnival began involving gaudy rides and contests for men 21-35 sponsored by light beer companies. It was all revealed at a news conference by Margaret Thatcher to be a plot (much to my dismay) to secure funding to update a large copper humanoid submarine, She kind of comforted me afterwards and congratulated my valiant efforts to stymie her. The dream then ended dramatically with the ailing copper submarine rising dramatically through a pool into the dungeon of the castle. 

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