Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soldier meditation

I really admire people who choose a path in life beacuse they are passionate about it.
Even when it is something bizarre or useless to society ot even a little icky you have to look at someone who is doing something they really  case about and sort of go aww. GOnna just point out now that I realize I'm not the first person to say this. In fact we live in a time and place (this, of course, assuming you are reading this in a pretty much congruent time and place as the Pacific Northwest of the United States circe 2012) where doing something one is passionate about is a fairly realizable goal, somehting that until only a few decades ago was viable only to the obscenely wealthy and exploitative and blah blah. Granted there are many people out there, especially minorities, which are not able to actualize thier goals. THis should be rmeeided immeidatley. SO what I'mcurious about here is war. Specifically the drive to war. Being a pretty much pacifist myself I abhor war and fighting unless in the absolute most dire circumstances (this line situated, and cutting off, pretty much right below averting or ending a genocide et cetera) Regardless staging large scale battles between ehavily aremed human beings seems to be a fairly entrenched tradtion in the majority of our cultures, at least for a nother few decades until we can get some robots in there to do the dirty work and mostly jsut sit back and watch the saturday night insurrection on CNN6. As awful as it is one hears, time and time agian, that the main reason otherwise healthy, corn-fed, bright futured, (arguably) sane men (and speaking only about American's here, as that's all I know) go to war and enlist is for one of a very few reasons. Serving one's country, this unusual notion pops up pretty frequently, a sort of idealistic sense of duty to repay (someone?) for (something?). Whether or not it is lost on the average America servin' soldier that they serve in the army at a huge expense to taxpayers in irrelevant here as they drive itself is what I think is msot important. THey are doing this not out of some nationalistic violence, or a love of sool guns, nor even money or fame or a lack of discipline. It is an abstract sense of duty. A passion to repay. In a way. Naturally there are certain people who DO enter the millitary for themoney, and while I disagree with this it seems often time sthat this subset has a family or is using the military as a means to an end, often times to get into college and make a better life et cetera. WHat we rarely ever hear, i htink, are the people hwo have an all consuming, pleasure denying, comfort forsaking passion to KILL. DOes this exist? Like are there people in the military who have a passion to be in the army, do army stuff, kill other army people on the other side like say a jazz musician or young cardiac surgeon have? People who will go long hours and not mind missing an Episode of American Bible Challange to put in the long hours to becomre really great, sucessful soldiers?

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