Complete list of Credits

'The Plague Victim' in Nightscript V Oct 2019 [Forthcoming]

'Revolutions' collaborative essay in Neoglyphic Media's Emergence #3 Nov 2015

Essay on Felipe Alfau in the Verbivoracious Festschrift: Syllabus (print) May 2015

Interview of Mark Gluth on Litpub Nov. 2014

Gone Lawn 16 Lying Down Machines Oct. 2014

NADA-03 23 Getting Sucked off in the Bermuda Triangle Aug. 2014

NADA-03 22 Russia You'll Always be in my Heartland Jun. 2014

Review of 'Mudhoney: The Sound and the Fury From Seattle' Signed 3 2014

NADA-03 21 Already so Invested in the Situation Apr. 2014

theNewerYork Most of the Times I have Almost Died (So Far) 2014

NADA-02 20 People on Monday Jan. 2014

Rural Information (Chapbook) Rockwell Collective Press Jan. 2014

Signed Issue 2 The Bomb City Scene Nov. 2013

theNewerYork's EEEL The Secret Dangling Lure of Brunch Oct. 2013

Eunoia Review Her Particular Prediliction Sept. 2013

Sten-o Anthology Arianna and Amaranth Aug 2013

NADA-02 04 Jihad in a Sombrero July 2013

Signed issue 1 Keely at the Show (Excerpt from Basic Analysis) June 2013

NADA-02 03 The Universe Shows the Way June 2013 Review of William Gass' 'The Tunnel' May 2013

NADA-02 02 Purge+Splurge April 2013

NADA-02 01 People Waiting for the Weekend Mar. 2013

NADA-009 Apocalypse...Not!  Dec. 2012

Sadcore Dadwave The Whopstick Nov. 2012

NADA-008 Fuckin Decepticons Oct. 2012

This is for you issue 1 (Poems) June 2009

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