Thursday, April 4, 2013

A short excerpt from Basic Analysis

         She watches him as he goes. His silhouette fades into the absorbent darkness of the wood that lines the street. The headlights of passing cars light him briefly, the handle of the axe and shaft of the shovel protrude and bob from his sagging body. Soon he is out of sight and Keely is left standing alone. And it is unusual that here, so far from Klickat hill, so far from home, she can see it. Clearer even than on a rainless night, as it sticks out so stark from the austere clouds. Watching her from its peerless perch the loping speed of its light benevolent in a way, hopeful in a way. She feels less alone as it blinks at her and while we cannot expect it to provide any great insight or knowledge, to her or to us, it is, without a doubt, there. Whether we watch it or not, whether waking or sleeping it exists, and with just this knowledge one may, if only a little bit, rest easier.

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