Friday, April 26, 2013

This is pretty important

An interactive fiction about depression. It gets the point across.

New NADA out

NADA (Purge+Splurge) is out. Reading this Saturday in the Central District. E-mail for more info.
Free paper copies can be found at: The Comet Tavern, Bauhaus Coffee, Black Coffee, Spine and Crown Books, Left Bank Books, Singles Going Steady and as of next week at Mellow Pages in Brooklyn NYC.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review of 'Lives of Notorious Cooks' by Brendan Connell

I reviewed 'Lives of Notorious Cooks' by Brendan Connell. It is not here though, it is on Mel Bosworth's excellent site called Small Press Book Review

Friday, April 19, 2013

Leaked National Treasure 3 Plotline

      Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, it has been for good reason. I have, over the last two months, through a heroic effort of cracking the highly guarded Disney databases, collecting clues hidden in major media publications and seducing certain very powerful executives been privy to the highly guarded plotline of the long in the making movie  certain masterpiece National Treasure 3. Now as we all know this blockbuster, Nicholas Cage vehicle is if not the greatest film franchise of the generation than undoubtedly the greatest film franchise that the art of cinema has ever seen. It has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with computer generated graphics, historical revisionism and Nicholas Cagology. It has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars and captured the hearts and minds of our sweet nation. We've waited too long however. The latest installment has been in the making for years with Nicholas Cage denying any knowledge of the movies status. The world cannot wait any longer and so I have taken it upon myself, through great risk to my own health and well being, to wrangle the script out of the greasy clutches of those slimy Disney producers. I won't go into great detail here, suffice it to say that my own adventure at times almost perfectly mirrored that of Benjamin Franklin Gates' own journey to find the National Treasure.
      The movie begins similarly to the first two installments with Benjamin Franklin Gates having to scrape off mounds of historical romance groupies in order to read a long lost communique from one of his ancestors who may have been involved in the war of 1812. This leads him on a great winding adventure which finds him at the Alamo where, hidden behind a painting in a small room (which he must visit exactly at 1:37 am) he finds an escalator which takes him down to a hidden Disney Studios waiting room. It is here that B.F.G learns that the real National Treasure is not a pile of ancient loot but rather a human being. Not only that, but the man is alive, and currently lives in Los Angeles California. Fighting for time Benjamin takes Abraham Lincoln's private jet to the West coast where he learns the name of that man...and it is none other than Nicholas Cage. The journey to find the National Treasure takes B.F.G through the underbelly of Los Angeles where a dastardly nemesis has already convinced all the agents in the city that Benjamin Franklin Gates IS Nicholas Cage and that he has lost his mind. Gates then realizes that to find Cage he must convince a group of terrified surgeons to switch their faces. The final forty five minutes of the movie is an extended soliloquy performed by Benjamin Franklin Gates/Nicholas Cage whilst he/they walk atop the iconic Hollywood sign (which is, at the last moment revealed to be an anagram for the location of the REAL national treasure, allowing plot threads for another wildly grossing sequal) where he ponders the nature of his own identity and the figurative and literal interpretations of a man 'truly finding himself'. Dazzled at the metaphysical implications of his dual identity he considers jumping to his death but perseveres, convincing himself that the world needs him to make further sequel to this movie (and hopefully a sequal to face-off or the rock I mean, come on) The movie ends with the surgeons returning his face to its original shape and Benjamin Franklin Gates moving into the Nicholas Cage's Hollywood mansion, his family and co-workers none the wiser.
         The title?
         National Treasure 3: National Treasure: Nicholas Cage
         Directed by David Lynch

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Signed (the magazine)

A friend from Bellingham put together an excellent full color 8.5"x11" zine that was released on Friday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Found this written in the margin of my revised draft

"It's funny to pretend to eat people (like 'rahr, rahr, rahr, rahr') but animals, for some reason, do find it amusing. Walking the other day I sang a sad Irish sea shanty to myself made entirely out of made up word.'

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soldier meditation

I really admire people who choose a path in life beacuse they are passionate about it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Boxy and Angular Japanese Design Aesthetic Commonly Associated with the Mid-80's

The boxy angular Japanese design aesthetic commonly associated with the mid-80's

A short excerpt from Basic Analysis

         She watches him as he goes. His silhouette fades into the absorbent darkness of the wood that lines the street. The headlights of passing cars light him briefly, the handle of the axe and shaft of the shovel protrude and bob from his sagging body. Soon he is out of sight and Keely is left standing alone. And it is unusual that here, so far from Klickat hill, so far from home, she can see it. Clearer even than on a rainless night, as it sticks out so stark from the austere clouds. Watching her from its peerless perch the loping speed of its light benevolent in a way, hopeful in a way. She feels less alone as it blinks at her and while we cannot expect it to provide any great insight or knowledge, to her or to us, it is, without a doubt, there. Whether we watch it or not, whether waking or sleeping it exists, and with just this knowledge one may, if only a little bit, rest easier.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dis ting write heah

Thanks a lot brain

I think this is why I find TV to be adversely mundane.

A Dream: Was in a sort of Bela Tarr-esque, moody, chiaroscuro film setting taking place within a manor/castle deep in an eastern European countryside. I was there with a group of people who were ambiguously hostile toward me. Night was continually falling and nubile Asian women were attempting to seduce me in a plot to frame me. I kept resisting their advances (just barely), finding the hidden cameras they would secret into my room, and switching rooms.
 In the basement/dungeon of this building was a sort of three dimensional sidescrolling video game (literally like a puppet show or whatever with physical manifestations of the video game objects) involving a lizard shooting (something???) which I was continually on the brink of losing. I just narrowly finished the first level. A carnival began involving gaudy rides and contests for men 21-35 sponsored by light beer companies. It was all revealed at a news conference by Margaret Thatcher to be a plot (much to my dismay) to secure funding to update a large copper humanoid submarine, She kind of comforted me afterwards and congratulated my valiant efforts to stymie her. The dream then ended dramatically with the ailing copper submarine rising dramatically through a pool into the dungeon of the castle.