Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Let's start a new literary journal!

I want to start a literary journal. The world needs one of these and I think it could be big. I want to sell it in Barnes and Noble, Borders and have support on all major ebook readers. The hard copy will be sleek, perfect bound, and contain full color art between works. It will come out quarterly and cost between thirty and forty dollars. We will take our editors from prestigious universities, well known artists and have advertising from luxury goods, literary prizes and low residency MFA programs. There will be no limit on word count. We will not accept unsolicited submissions. Rather all the pieces will be verbatim transcripts of court testimony from rape, genocide, terrorism, torture, disease epidemic and starvation survivors. We will begin with reports from Syria, Rwanda, and Ground Zero then move outwards through geography and backwards in time. Themes will include 'Religion', 'Eyes' and 'Children'.

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