Monday, May 20, 2013

Cornish BFA EXPO '13

Got to go down to the Cornish BFA EXPO the other day. Two floors of absolutely stunning works comprised of a huge range of media and topics. Here are three of my favorites.

Miles Toland

Whose works were comprised of three massive and intricate canvases which had images projected on them and body engulfing soundtracks. Psychedelic, urban, spiritual and mesmerizing.

Christopher Walsh

Whose black box of a room had a motion activated 'orbital light form' within; a slowly rotating shape which, in the absence of other stimuli, becomes the viewer's whole world. Nears the line of a religious experience.

Sam Whalen

Whose performance art, cathartic bedsheet tombs and grotesque portraits are beautiful and squirm inducing and will make you see the dynamics of family life in a brand new way.

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