Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20 February 2012

   Wrote 1000 words today, threw away at least 500 words. Not sure whether all points of the story grab attention. Not sure how to change this. Having troubled with tenses as well, often find myself beginning a chapter in past tense and shifting to present tense. Then realize what I am doing and go back and change the tense back. Takes some time. Still worried at how fast the plot is developing. Have stopped writing short stories recently since i began working on BA. Not a lot of ideas for short stories at this point, seems like a good thing to work on. Used ctrl-F on the word 'seems' in my manuscript, turns out i use the word once every other page on average which is probably something I will need to change at some point. wondering if the (few) math references will throw people off, cause revulsion. thought it would be easier to make-up fake math terms, worried now that some terms may have real world use. not sure anyone will or would care about this.maybe they will, who knows. Wish I could find a way to 'beef up' the story, lines or plots or anyhting to add that will give the story substance, to bring it more to life. It is very difficult to put work in and not have any idea how anyone but myself will find the book.

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