Wednesday, February 13, 2013

13 February 2013

    A friend got out of jail yesterday, he spent the night and most of today here. He's probably one of the most intelligent people I've have ever met in my life, though he does some pretty stupid shit to get himself put into jail. Because of an offhand remark he was placed in the psych wing so he told us a little about the torture that is solitary confinement 
Wrote another three potential pieces for Signed, then after submitting them decided to submit an excerpt from City on a Hill, where Keely is at the show, as it seems a propos the theme of the zine. The editor seems to like the idea. Wrote the first chapter of part two of city on a hill in the late morning. Considering titling part II 'A Tensegrity Forms' a tensegrity being a structure made out of rigid pieces held together by nonrigid connections pulled taught. These structures (like R. B. Fuller's domes) are extremely light yet very strong, feel like this represents the character structure well: characters are rigid parts and they are held together by their nonrigid relationships. Appropriate tension is necessary for appropriate function, and the structure is capable of performing unique feats, maybe get into 'mystical' aspects as to how their interpersonal tensegrity is like a bridge which channels BA or something.
   After writing first part (first person of Keely and Steven with first BA 'experiment') I read it to friends and we all found it awkward and not as effective. One called it sci-fi which I found a little funny and a little insulting but mostly just made me want to change the episode. We then had a good talk about what is sci-fi etc. Rewrote the episode from Keith's perspective, with experiment out of scene and found it much more effective and pleasing. So did friends. Achieving that balance has made this episode (at only three pages no less) the hardest piece I've written so far. Felt good to finish it, though it still needs a lot of work. Feel that inclusion of Jeff getting invited to the professor's house before Keith stumbling into BA experiment may be confusing/awkward though I want to use it to build tension and emphasize Jeff's ignorance of the event.

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