Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Untitled Poems


We drift without purpose
            dodging requests deftly
skipping along from desire to desire
             in a haze

And the absence of connection
             the relations held together
by slender ties and alcohol
             its a ripoff

 Absently bumping into one another
             on the way to the store
scraping your knuckles in the door jamb
              I'm still asleep

We always abhorred work
             the timelines and personalities
bit into my personal style but...
              I want to be someone, eventually

"Has there been a time you've
             followed through on a promise?"
"I pride myself on breaking
             everything in my path."

"Why don't you discover something,
            invent an infomercial device?"
"The world would only be worse off,
           my influence is inherently detrimental."  

   pouring molten gold
into hideous molds of
   vile gods in the act
 of eating the righteous
Everyone's got to make a
      living somehow

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