Thursday, May 17, 2012

Performance art piece #2

Form a new art collective but keep it very hush hush in order to build hype. Announce show opening at converted store front, keep windows black/covered and get underground word of mouth hype (very important). On opening night hire models etc. to stand in long line outside gallery. Keep people waiting until late for opening. Inside the gallery: blank white walls, bar, not much else people doing whatever, milling around, looking attractive.
             Artist(s): one week before opening buy 8o's ski jackets and ratty sweaters at goodwill, spend maj. of week outside, no showers! rub dirt on face and under finger nails. During the performance artist(s) hangs out outside of gallery panhandling. Piece begins when artist attempts to angrily enter opening, shouting gibberish etc. Piece ends when artist is ejected forcefully (bouncers are not notified that artist will attempt this, even who the artist is) from the gallery. Everyone goes home and cries, drunk.

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