Monday, October 28, 2013

Most importants

1994-1995 In first or second grade I read this book called 'The Game' by Monica Hughes. It may have been the first full book I read, at least was certainly one of the first few. I only remember it vaguely but it sounds like dystopian cyberpunk, but intelligent. It seems to have had a lasting impact on me.

Madeline L'engle was also pretty big for me, and I must have read her around this time.

I don't recall reading much in third or fourth  or fifth grade. And if I did it did not stick with me much.

In sixth grade I read 1984 which scared the shit out of me. I read it again two years later, then again two years after that. It was my favorite book for a long, long time.

At some point in, I think, middle school I read the first two 'His Dark Materials' Books (amber spyglass had not come out yet, and really liked those.

Around 8th grade I got really into the discworld books, read between 10 and 12 of them over maybe a year. I also got into the Battletech books around that time and read the Clan trilogy.

Ninth grade I read part of catch-22 but didn't really get it. I was proud because I did not finish it but wrote a report on it for class and got and A.

Tenth grade I got into punk and mostly listened to albums instead of reading.

Eleventh grade I don't think I read much either.

Twelfth grade I read a bunch of vonnegut, bradbury and hesse especially during lunch. I had friends then but just liked being in the library better which in hindsight is sort of funny. I also read Portraits which I though was cool and a certain amount of philosophy lite for this class I took.

The next year I didn't go to school or do anything I just sat aorund my mom's house but I started to read a lot. I got into Wordsworth, Montaigne, Proust. I basically picked up the craziest books I could find down at this thrift store and read them little by little. There was some other stuff too.

My freshman year I read House of Leaves and really liked that, and read a lot of other stuff that was sort of cool but that I didn't like all that much (Feed, 9 Stories)

The next year I read Ulysses and found Borges who I was not super into but learned to really like later on. Also read 'Chinese Letter' and 'Invention of Morel' which were pretty killer.

Read 'Fuck-up' and 'Perks of being a wallflower' two of my least favorite books of all time then read 'Infinite Jest'. Later in the year I got super into school and started reading a little less.

The next year I was still really busy with school but read 'Sometimes a great notion' and especially 'Shoplifting from American Apparel' which was pretty big for me at the time. Preordered and read 'Pale King'

The next year I read a lot of graphic novels (The Invisibles, Some other stuff from that guy, started that huge Aardvark graphic novel but didn't find it that interesting) read Neuromancer. Then read a lot of science stuff, the really came back (for some reason) with this book by Sam Mcpheeters which I thought was gonna be amazing but which was only so-so. Then I read 'Cows' and found Blake Butlers blog where I started reading Sam Pink found out about alt-lit.

Later that year, after I graduated, I read 'The Late Works of Margaret Kroftis' 'The Recognitions' 'Chromos' Sean Kilpatick, 'Godel Escher Bach', Raymond Carver, Steve Roggenbuck, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember.

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