Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quick note on theNewerYork

       Just gonna throw some quick ups at this newish journal called theNewerYork. Hope to do a proper review of individual pieces in the future but for now let it be known that this is a journal with some mega chops and potential. There is roughly equal weight here given to the words and the image and the general feeling is one of constrained eclecticity. The journal is about half height, well bound and of quality manufacture. There is a sort of disclaimer at the beginning of each issue which I found humanizing, reduces the distance between the reader and these jumbled works. The writing is all over the place. I didn't recognize any names but the quality is up there. It was hard to put my finger on it but the pieces generally flowed together, stitched together, they have this sort of quality that was hard to define but connected most of them. I guess they all have this 'fuck you' bit but that is well thought out. The art is killer, some pretty freaky shit, and there is a series of full color images in the middle of the journal that both separates the journal from the pack and gives a nice break from the monochrome of text. There are also a few 'hand written' pieces included as well. There is a lot here, the thing is $10 but you get something like 80 pages? Anyways they have two issues out now and I'm jumping on this early and seeing where it goes.


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