Complete list of Credits and Forthcoming Work

[Forthcoming] 'Lemma' (Poetry) in Word For/ Word July 2021 

One poem in 'Word For/ Word'

[Forthcoming] 'Morello, Van, Marasca' in 3:AM Magazine  June 2021

    “One thing I’ve learned,” she’d said one morning, unbidden, “Is that if you talk enough about something you don’t have, it will eventually find you.”

    I had to wonder if that was why she never talked of stuff.


[Forthcoming] 'The Sculptor' in Vastarien: A Literary Journal Spring 2021

        A Journalist gets an invitation to interview a reclusive sculptor and learns firsthand the meaning of the artist's perplexing work.


[Forthcoming] 'The Catch' in Young Mag January 2021

    "There’s a place nearby that sells these little bottles. Script unintelligible. It’s all caffeine with a dash of cholesterol and casein. You drink it down in a gulp and the whole world gets wan and jiggly. Things seem slick, but manageable. Whole barriers of the mind are broken down and you feel like you can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I wash three of these a day down my gullet, civet scented, I think."

'Gallaher Calls' in Dim Shores Presents #1 June 2020

       Two reclusive siblings live in the shadow of the shadow of their family's wealth, creating art that no one sees. When the family lawyer Gallaher calls to deliver some sorry news the lavish the hermetic and aesthetic environment they have carefully curated goes awry. What is real, what is imagined; what is dreamt and what is created all fall together.  

'Some Other and Separate Iteration: An Interview with Mark Gluth and Steven Purtill' on Dennis Cooper's Blog May 2020   

    An interview with Author Mark Gluth about his novel 'Come Down to Us' as well as an interview with artist Steven Purtill who collaborated with Mark on projects related to the novel.

'The Plague Victim' in Nightscript V Oct 2019

        Set in late 19th century Siberia a traveler overhears report of a plague moving through the countryside. While the symptoms are clear, who is infected with the plague, and who is a victim, becomes muddled in a flurry of violence.


'Two Short Pieces: Drug Lung and Some Eastern Demon' decomP Sep 2019

Two short prose poems, with accompanying audio. 

Revolutions collaborative essay in Neoglyphic Media's Emergence #3 Nov 2015

Essay on Felipe Alfau in the Verbivoracious Festschrift: Syllabus (print) May 2015

Interview of Mark Gluth on Litpub Nov. 2014

'Lying Down Machines' in Gone Lawn 16 October 2014

    A boy and his father create 'lying down machines' and sell the devices, whose purpose and function are obscure, to unwitting patrons.

NADA-03 23 Getting Sucked off in the Bermuda Triangle Aug. 2014

NADA-03 22 Russia You'll Always be in my Heartland Jun. 2014

Review of 'Mudhoney: The Sound and the Fury From Seattle' Signed 3 2014

NADA-03 21 Already so Invested in the Situation Apr. 2014

theNewerYork Most of the Times I have Almost Died (So Far) 2014

NADA-02 20 People on Monday Jan. 2014

Rural Information (Chapbook) Rockwell Collective Press Jan. 2014

Signed Issue 2 The Bomb City Scene Nov. 2013

theNewerYork's EEEL The Secret Dangling Lure of Brunch Oct. 2013

Eunoia Review Her Particular Prediliction Sept. 2013

Sten-o Anthology Arianna and Amaranth Aug 2013

NADA-02 04 Jihad in a Sombrero July 2013

Signed issue 1 Keely at the Show (Excerpt from Basic Analysis) June 2013

NADA-02 03 The Universe Shows the Way June 2013 Review of William Gass' 'The Tunnel' May 2013

NADA-02 02 Purge+Splurge April 2013

NADA-02 01 People Waiting for the Weekend Mar. 2013

NADA-009 Apocalypse...Not!  Dec. 2012

The Whopstick in Sadcore Dadwave Nov. 2012

NADA-008 Fuckin Decepticons Oct. 2012

This is for you issue 1 (Poems) June 2009

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